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Clover Super M Chocolate Flavored Milk 1L

Super M’s Chocolate Flavour Milk Drink 1L



Clover Super M Chocolate Flavored Milk 1L

Super M’s Chocolate Flavour Milk Drink 1L


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Garea Natural-Sweet Flavored Yogurt

(0 Reviews)
Garea pasteurized natural-sweet flavored yogurt contains four units of 100 g each. Ingredients: partially skimmed milk, sugar (8.8%), modified corn starch, thickeners (guar gum, pectin), aroma, coloring (carmine) and lactic ferments.

Clover Long Life Full Cream Milk 1L

(1 Review)
The quality and goodness of Clover Long Life Full Cream milk. Clover Fresh milk is the number 1 milk brand in South Africa. When you buy Clover milk, you can be sure that you are getting high quality and freshness.

Clover Super M Chocolate Flavored Milk 1L

(0 Reviews)
Super M’s Chocolate Flavour Milk Drink 1L

Clover Super M Chocolate Milk 300ml

(1 Review)
Super M's Chocolate Flavored medium fat super shake is Clover's coolest low fat flavored milk.

Swartland Winery Serengeti 'Chui King Cheetah' Merlot

(1 Review)
The Swartland Wine Cooperative was established in 1948 so that the different independent grape growers in the area could deliver & press their own grapes. This is a well-balanced South African Merlot boasting an elegant dark berry & chocolate bouquet as well as black currant & vanilla flavors. Grape Variety: Merlot

Casal Garcia Fruitzy Pear

(2 Reviews)
Bronze International Wine & Spirit Competition - The perfect combination between a white wine with a slightly crunchy profile and the succulent and tasty character of the pear.

Lago Party Cacao 250g

(4 Reviews)
Goodness in the shape of a cube! Let yourself be tempted by the irresistible flavour of our Party : tasty bite-size cubes of fragrant wafer layers filled with a velvety cream filling. Perfect to share at any time!

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